Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pixie Hollow- Review

Pixie Hollow review: B-
The reason its a B- is because most of the time it doesnt pull up and it also has alot of glitches. BUT the + side of the website is that its really fun, interactive, and works your imagination!!!!!!:):)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Break.

Hi everybody! Emily here, just saying that I will be taking a break today and tomorrow because I will be at my friend lexi's house.:):):)
Emily, Flitter Fillter creator/researcher

What I just realized!!!

Fairies are like god, but the opposite! Fairies some people believe in and alot of people don't. God TONS of people in the world believe in him but Jewish people don't ( so sorry if your Jewish and reading this I'm just saying:); so basically fairies are amazing and quite like god in some ways!:)
Emily, Flitter Fillter creator/researcher

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Faerie Magick: podcast- review

Faerie Magick review: A

THIS IS AN AMAZING PODCAST!:) she's an amazing speaker and makes everything convincible ( not that I'm not convinced that fairies are real, I completely believe ) and she actually has amazing finds and books about them.
The only edge to her is that she talks about fairies ( some ) being about the size of a full grown adult, and I'm not sure that I'm convinced about that. YET! I've only read one story on a website about really big fairies, but it's not that convincing.
Other than that small edge, I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!!!
Emily, Flitter Fillter creator/researcher

Fairy Trails for iPad- review.

Fairy Trails game for iPad: F-

The reason my review for this game is a F- is because 1) the graphics are TERRIBLE! they don't even make it look like a real fairy. 2) the clothes they wear are sort of inappropriate for little girls when they play the game. All they have for clothes is little leaves and it's kind of weird ( it kind of scares me a little lol ) 3) you have to turn ALL THE WAY AROUND, LITERALLY, TO FACE THE OTHER SIDE. How are little kids supposed to do a 180?!?! Lol

I just don't get it. The way they SHOULD have set up the game is where you get to pick the outfits, design the character, then they should have put arrows to move around instead of actually having to move the iPad. Set up Is stupid. Sorry guys, my rating is F-!
Emily, Flitter Fillter creator/researcher

Monday, March 12, 2012

Is that a real fairy?

How to tell if a fairy is real:
1) If their wings are well detailed.
2) if their face is well detailed.
3) if they glow.
4) if they aren't cartoonish.
5) if they don't have dark outline.

1) wings aren't well detailed
2) their face is not detailed
3) if they don't glow
4) cartoonish
5) have dark outlines

Use these tips to help you spot a fairy while fairy watching ( note: is night best for spotting? Test this! )

Emily, Flitter Fillter creator/researcher

What is a Fairy Circle, or Fairy Ring? go there to find out!:)